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Re: screen going crazy like a ghost is using my ipad, screen going crazy like a ghost is using my ipad


Re: After the upgrade of my iPad2 to iOS5, the whole system is buggy.

Feb 1, 2013 4:21 PM (in response to beni nihilist)

I have been stumped by this problem too for the last 2 weeks and only just worked it out!

Out of the blue, it started randomly typing anywhere on the iPad's screen and it would type on the keyboard, click links, swipe and change screens, change settings, etc. The iPad was completely unusable and it never stopped happening, not even for 2 seconds

The iPad has been meticulously looked after and although it has been fallen while in its case more than half a year ago from a low bed height, it has never had any sign of issues. It looks perfectly brand new, no nicks or scratches, even at the dock connector area!

The iPad 2 16gb is only about a year and a half old and it was a birthday gift. So to have this happen was very very disappointing as I have been using Apple products for 20 odd years and even the old Mac desktops are still working!

Hoping Apple could do a reasonable price for a repair, I took it to the nearest Apple store. Because it was half a year out of warranty, the best they could do was swap the iPad 2 for the equivalent for $270 Aussie dollars.. Considering that to buy a new iPad 2 is only $395 this was ridiculous!! They also would not do it for anything other than the same model, which was not understanding at all, and I swore I would never buy another Apple product again. All they did other than that was to update the firmware which did nothing as they expected and was more for show than genuine desire to get it fixed

Which brings me to this. I have spent the last 2 weeks googling for this and finally found what I needed. It is an industry wide problem affecting tablets, phones, etc anything with a touchscreen. I found my answer in an android forum, after searching through all the iPad and iPhone ones.

The answer that worked for me was to use a hair dryer on hot for 20 minutes until the iPad glass and aluminium back was burning hot, and it now works fine again!

Full post that helped me is below, hope this helps you and saves you time!


hey guys / gals, first post and i can chime in on what causes this problem.

I personally have the first gen Moto Droid and it's done wonders for some time. wasn't until recently (more or less the last few months) that i have had this crack smoking screen issue... but i have found the cause!

it's caused by the following factors:

A - Temp (if phone is at or below 50 degrees F, EI - hot summer day, you go to bed, keep your window open and your phone is within the breezing air coming in and the night gets to or below 50-55 degreese F, it will cause condensation to happen inside the phone. moisture = bad for micro-electronics on an astronomical scale.

FIX - warm up the phone. best way to do it is keep it in a pocket closest to your core body temp. even better fix, hold it in your arm-pit (i hope to god it doesn't smell like onions when you do...). and last, don't keep it anywhere in or near an area that's 50 degrees F and colder on it's on for longer than 15 minutes or in a room of your home that's going to be colder than that over night.

B - Moisture (covered in A as it's the only real time you'll have moisture unless you drop your phone in a poddle of water of some sort.)

C - Electronically conductive substances (this is anything other than water. don't use your phone if you've JUST RECENTLY put lotion on, sun screen on, worked with engine grease *like i do on a daily basis* or anything of the sort that may be goopy and able to squeeze it's self into the small cracks and into the circuitry.)

FIX - disassembly of phone, lots of rubber alcohol and cleaning whipes. don't screw your phone up this way... it's a pain.

in all reality though, 95% of these issues will come from problem A as we all generally will have that exact senario come about and is exactly the cause of why mine has acted up. every time i've opened my window during the hot summer for a good cool breeze at night, i've woken up to a phone that i simply want to bash with a sledge hammer until only dust remains. if you want a phone that will tolerate those conditions, use that newer rugged military droid from verizon (no i'm not a verizon rep, just a suggestion) as it actually is shock proof, water proof, dust proof and scratch proof. my cousin's got one of those things, not the fastest as it uses the first gen processor but it's the newer OS version and works great. infact the other day he came home with a burnt hand because he droped it into this water boiling system that keeps food hot at his work. he freaked out, totally forgot about it being water proof and he rushed to grab it out and burnt the **** out of is hand... and then by his own "genius" realised there was a pair of tongs right there next to him had he just stoped and remember his phone was water proof...


Thanks jbljay, you saved me $600 getting a new tablet, restored my confidence in Apple (a bit) and made my sister feel a lot better now that the iPad she gave to me as a present wasn't a lemon. I gave her one too so I feel better about that one too.

A bit of a long post but it has been a long 2 weeks, thanks for reading this to the end.

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  3. I tried your answer and heated the iPad with the hairdryer got a very hot glass and the back and now it works like new. Before I couldn't even toggle to get on the Internet thank you so much I brought this iPad to an Apple store and they still couldn't figure out what was wrong with

  4. I hope this helps a lot of people. The iPad was acting like it was remotely controlled by someone else it was doing whatever it wants to do typing toggle switches everything switching apps and heating it up worked wonders thank you so much for the well

  5. Help Me! I have Ghost touching on my ipad 2 where it flips through apps and type away. I have tried compressing and Heating using a Hair dryer and most of the time it seems to stop it but then it comes back and sometimes these ways of fixing it does not work.

    Are there any other ways or strategies to get rid of Ghost touching completely?

  6. I don't know how much heat my iPad can handle but is it ok to fully heat up the ipad so it is BURNING hot? Im afraid i might damage it but people seem to say it works.

  7. Two ipads have done this to me while traveling from China to Malaysia.Apple only seems to want to sell you or upgrade you.Bought a Samsung 3 tab and it is not doing this.Apple has some quality control issues and the screens or charging equiptment are defective.